Q & A

1. What is CITYROI
CITYROI is a service package that helps your city to get five billion euros more during the next 20 years.

2. For whom is CITYROI designed?
CITYROI is designed for the mayor of a city or the owner of the property. The mayor can create in his city jobs in a new economy. Property owners and real estate developers can raise the value of the land or plans in the eyes of new economy.

3. Why CITYROI is needed?
Jobs in a new economy are concentrated in such areas where young entrepreneurs, future leaders and experts want to live and invent their services. Cities built by principles of conventional urban planning do not attract them.

4. Does this city not depend on industry?
Service business is growing in cities. Nothing suggests that the trend will change, and cities would become a place with cheap labour specializing in industrial production.

5. How do the geniuses of WSP know what kind of city would be attractive in the future?
There are a lot of research evidence and examples showing what kind of cities or districts attract new economies. The service package is created on the basis of comprehensive research data along with the best experience.

6. Why don’t we just copy successful cities?
It’s a good idea, but current norms, paradigms and calculation models adjusted during the last decades support conventional city planning and transport systems. CITYROI provides a new basis for the planning.

7. What will I get as a result of CITYROI?
CITYROI comprises two parts. First, we calculate what city districts would be more profitable targets of change. During the second phase, we will plan the most profitable changes for them. As a result, you will get printed plain language reports with a 3D GIS data model for illustrative presenting.

8. How can you forecast the amount of new jobs?
The forecast is modelled out of existing reference areas. The past development of reference areas creates the forecast model to be applied in target areas. Reference areas are chosen so that they meet the target area features which are measured.

9. How does the change to new economy are foreseen?
The change is already seen in the reference areas. Therefore the impact is included in  the forecast models. The growth of jobs by big companies located to target area is excluded in forecast. But the growth of urban jobs attracts big companies too.

10. Why would I spend money on this?
Afterwards you will be remembered as a pioneer who understood the need to change the course of development in time. You will receive numerous invitations for prestigious seminars to explain the role of keynote speaker how real pioneers use their brain.

In short:
We design and calculate the land use and real estate development plans in a way which correlates with urban studies on value creation by spatial effects on new economy.