Hakametsän Viheraluesuunnitelma


Hakametsä is the site of the old ice hockey stadium, situated in eastern Tampere between the districts of Uusikylä, Kissanmaa and Kaleva. With the construction of the new Nokia Arena, the area around Hakametsä was to be re-planned to make better use of the space and improve green infrastructure links to the surrounding parks, while […]

Design your city smart!


WSP Finland is at the forefront of designing digital solutions that facilitate participatory urban design and civic communication.

West Terminal 2


The applied games team at WSP Finland’s Helsinki office created a game model of the new passenger terminal in West Harbour, Helsinki. The model provided the designers, constructors and residents with a means to look at the future building and its service and traffic solutions in a virtual environment. The users were able to both […]

Virtual walk in future Oulunkylä


City of Helsinki composed three idea models of possible urban structures for the centre of Oulunkylä neighbourhood. These models envision the the potential related to upcoming urban infill projects in the vicinity of both the main railroad line and the Jokeri Light Rail Line. These projects, together with the excellent public transport services in the […]

Applied games used in the development of Myyrmäki centre


The fourth largest city in Finland, City of Vantaa, adopted applied games in co-designing of public urban spaces with the city’s residents. The goal was to collect opinions about and improve the plans of the future centre of the Myyrmäki district. The applied games team in our Helsinki office created a game which was based […]