Hakametsän Viheraluesuunnitelma

By Design Studio, 27.9.2022

Hakametsä is the site of the old ice hockey stadium, situated in eastern Tampere between the districts of Uusikylä, Kissanmaa and Kaleva. With the construction of the new Nokia Arena, the area around Hakametsä was to be re-planned to make better use of the space and improve green infrastructure links to the surrounding parks, while preserving the operations of the stadium.

WSP was asked to produce a general plan and green infrastructure design to compliment the winning competition concept ideas produced by Peab Oy and TH Kodit Oy. The main concept involved creating a Sporting campus, centered around the stadium and introducing a new hotel, apartment blocks and sports hall alongside a variety of outdoor sports & exercising areas. The architecture was designed between Arkkitehdit Kontukoski Oy and Arkkitehtitoimisto Ahonen & Kangasvieri Oy.

The challenge for WSP was to combine the various competing elements and requirements into a cohesive landscape plan. Finding a balance between green infrastructure links to the wider Tampere green network, outdoor sports functions, Ice hockey crowds, stormwater management, accessibility and quality public landscape.

The process involved cooperation with the traffic, street and bridge design units of WSP to ensure the evolving design of the surrounding areas was included within the plan.

The plans were made available for public exhibition from 8 th September 2022.