West Terminal 2

By Design Studio, 2.6.2017

The applied games team at WSP Finland’s Helsinki office created a game model of the new passenger terminal in West Harbour, Helsinki. The model provided the designers, constructors and residents with a means to look at the future building and its service and traffic solutions in a virtual environment.

The users were able to both walk inside the terminal and examine the new building from the outside. The indoor spaces had fully animated elevator systems, escalators and moving walkways. The check-in area, the restaurant and the customs area were all modeled, and the solutions for their interior design could thus be easily reviewed. The model could be used to spot possible problems in the placement of different services both inside and outside the terminal. Moreover, the user was able to see which aspects might affect traffic flow in the check-in area for cars and cargo traffic.

Using a game model at different stages of designing transport hubs and commercial spaces has many benefits. Game models facilitate problem-solving, co-design and communication. A successful simulation helps the designer spot possible problems at an early stage. Games are also a fun way to design public spaces in cooperation with the customers and the residents of the area.

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The work was ordered by Port of Helsinki.