Guggenheim Helsinki No Dice

By wspdw_admin, 3.12.2014

WSP-tiimi yhdessä Italialaisen arkkitehtiryhmän (Antonello Stella ja Paolo Rossi sekä Prisca Pannone ja Carla Gerundino) kanssa ei päässyt jatkoon Guggenheim Helsinki kisassa. 1715 ehdotuksesta valittiin 6 työryhmää työstämään ehdotuksensa voittajaksi. Tutustu maailman arkkitehtuurin kuuden kärkeen lehdistötiedotteesta klikkaamalla tästä.

Tässä tiimimme ehdotuksen kuvitusta:


” The design of a museum of the future cannot overlook a consideration about what art has become today. Strength in constant movement and sharing, art is no longer containable in the pure static dimension of curatorship and exhibition, but rather requires experiential forms of use and interaction, whose comprehension must be at the basis of the design process. In order to integrate with the dynamic flows of the city and create an innovation center, the museum is conceived, in respect of local architectural and environmental legacy, as an exchange and diffusion hub: in terms of mobility, as a new flows junction to be identified with a new tram stop; in urban terms, as a new dynamic center for the city life where people can gather and socialize; in symbolic terms, as a new exception integrated in the landmarks network of the city, a creative nucleus of art generation and transmission. ” 

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